Watch Strength Day 12

Watch Strength Day 12

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  • Strength Day 13

    This is power packed session where you’ll become absorbed in the glorious struggle of doing arm balances! The day also includes a difficult Samasthiti (Basic Standing) exercise where you alternate between standing Uttitha Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand to Big Toe Posture) and Virabhadrasa...

  • Strength Day 14

    This day is devoted to gaining strength by developing your bandha (Energetic Lock) technique. Learning to understand what bandhas are and how to apply them in your practice is a unique way to gain strength, unlike any other technique or practice that you will ever encounter. This class will he...

  • Day 15 Strength

    The final class of this course takes you through a 20 minute action packed routine consisting of 5 strength exercises. The exercises include an absorbing balance testing version of Samasthiti standing on blocks facing the wall, coming up in Handstand at the wall with your hands on blocks and do...

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