Watch instructed Second Pranayama (Parts A and B)

Watch instructed Second Pranayama (Parts A and B)

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  • instructed Third Pranayama Bhastrika

    Bhastrika: Bellows

    Bhastrika is a highly active, energy rousing technique that tones the absomen and helps you to activate your respiratory musuclature. The forceful rhythmic pumping of the breath churns the belly and stirs up the dormant, sluggish energy within muladhara, the root support cha...

  • instructed Fourth Pranayama Surya and...

    Surya: Sun, solar, heating, right nostril
    Chandra: moon, lunar, cooling, left nostril
    Bhedana: clear, cleanse, free flowing

    Perform this kumbhaka in order to clear the two principal nadis, ida and pingala, also known as the sun and moon, and also to cleanse the overall system of nadis throug...

  • instructed Fifth Pranayama Sitali

    Sitali: cooling

    Sitali is performed on the inhalation by opening the mouth, forming the lips into an "O," extending the tongue out of the mouth, and curling the ends into a funnel shape. Then draw the breath in across the tongue with a sucking noise and perform kumbhaka after completing the i...