Watch Strength Day 5

Watch Strength Day 5

Strength Day 5

Extract Strength From Your Yoga Practice – 27m

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  • Strength Day 6

    This segment is devoted working with Surya Namaskara A and B in several different ways—all with the objective of learning to extract strength from the postures that you use to begin your practice each day. In Surya A you’ll experiment with creating a tempo that brings maximum flow and builds pu...

  • Strength Day 7

    In session 7 you’ll do a standing forward bend exercise that shows the value of maintaining centered place of physical and psychic non action and a facial demeanor of receptivity in contrast to asserting your will and applying physical force in your efforts. You will work with another forward ...

  • Strength Day 8

    Day 8 begins with an exercise that shows you how to gain strength by creating a dynamic transition between Samasthiti (Equal Standing) and other standing postures. You’ll also work with 2 different looping exercises that will improve your strength, test your powers of concentration and bring ski...