Watch Strength Day 6

Watch Strength Day 6

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  • Strength Day 7

    In session 7 you’ll do a standing forward bend exercise that shows the value of maintaining centered place of physical and psychic non action and a facial demeanor of receptivity in contrast to asserting your will and applying physical force in your efforts. You will work with another forward ...

  • Strength Day 8

    Day 8 begins with an exercise that shows you how to gain strength by creating a dynamic transition between Samasthiti (Equal Standing) and other standing postures. You’ll also work with 2 different looping exercises that will improve your strength, test your powers of concentration and bring ski...

  • Strength Day 9

    This day provides an in depth exploration of the jump through and jump back transitions that are used between seated postures in the ashtanga yoga sequences. You’ll discover the best ways for virtually anyone to enter to fruitful study of these these challenging and rewarding transitions. You’...

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