Watch Strength Day 10

Watch Strength Day 10

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  • Strength Day 11

    Get ready because Day 11 is a strength doozy! The session begins with a reminder that the best way to extract strength from your postures is to continually return to positioning your body along the central axis just like you do in Samasthiti (Equal Standing). You’ll then move into a looping e...

  • Strength Day 12

    In this fun and challenging session David takes you through a vigorous a set of back bending exercises that will work your whole body—especially the back body including backs of thighs, buttocks, spinal muscles and backs of arms.. This session gives you a good taste of the meditative focus that...

  • Strength Day 13

    This is power packed session where you’ll become absorbed in the glorious struggle of doing arm balances! The day also includes a difficult Samasthiti (Basic Standing) exercise where you alternate between standing Uttitha Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand to Big Toe Posture) and Virabhadrasa...

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