Watch Strength Day 1

Watch Strength Day 1

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  • Strength Day 2

    This session begins with you learning how to use your basic knowledge of Samasthiti (Equal Standing Pose) to gain strength in handstand. Experiencing the similarities between these two seemingly unlike positions can help you maximize your ability to efficiently and safely extract strength from ...

  • Strength Day 3

    This day features dynamic “looping” of exercises, a process of linking together single exercises by connecting them with transitions so that you can flow from one strength move to another without interruption. One loop involves doing Plank with1 arm alternating with Downward Dog and Handstand a...

  • Strength Day 4

    In this session you’ll learn a dynamic strengthening loop exercise that teaches you how to skillfully enter and exit Handstand. And then most of the session is devoted to working to gain strength in various back bending positions. You’ll begin by learning to extract strength from the transitio...