Watch Led Pranayama Sequence Bhastrika

Watch Led Pranayama Sequence Bhastrika

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  • Led Pranayama Sequence Surya and Chan...

    Surya: Sun, solar, heating, right nostril
    Chandra: moon, lunar, cooling, left nostril
    Bhedana: clear, cleanse, free flowing

    The solar right side is said to be like the sun: fiery, generating heat and light, active, and masculine. The lunar left side is said to be like the moon: cooling, rece...

  • Led Pranayama Sequence Sitali

    Both techniques, ujjayi and sitali, involve narrowing the glottis. This action enables you to stretch, lengthen, and regulate your breath. With sitali you can experience the inhalation as a pull; draw the breath in with a suction like action, a sipping in of nectar.
    From the Shiva Samhita

  • Led Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence

    I suggest you learn the ashtanga pranayama sequence by slowly working your way through the sequence in small increments, the same way that you learn the ashtanga asana sequences. At first your practice will be short, only two to four minutes long, but you can extend the time by repeating what you...