Watch Prana Exercise

Watch Prana Exercise

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  • Apana Exercise

    Apana vayu governs the lower abdominal and pelvic region within the torso from the navel to the pelvic floor. Link with the out - breath, the apanic pattern is a downward, inwand, cohesive, centripetal force that has rooting and grounding propensities.

    By tuning into the pattern of apana vay...

  • instructed First Pranayama Ujjayi (Pa...

    Uj: upward, expansive
    Jaya: victorious
    Bahya: external
    Antara: internal
    Kumbhaka: retention

    This first pranayama introduces bahya kumbhaka (retention after exhaling) and antara kumbhaka (retention after inhaling). The kumbhaka ratio is approximately 6:4 inhalation/exhalation. This means th...

  • HYP Talk #4: The Roar Within Pranayama